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Lars-Ake Olsson looks on as Ted Simroe shows his collection of Leonard and Simroe bamboo rods

Ted Simroe, former vice-president, and bamboo rod builder for the H.L. Leonard Rod Co. from 1967-1978, has arrived in Gimdalen for a weekend of talks and casting presentations.  One of the few people in the world with first-hand knowledge and experience with the most well known rod company ever founded; Ted has already given the participants a wealth of information and stories they will never forget. 

First Evening with Ted Simore

The participants of this special weekend consist of rod builders, rod collectors, and rod enthusiasts who want to learn more about the unique history of  the Leonard Fly Rod Company.  Ted has described the variety of methods used, the patterns, tapers, and many of the people behind the scenes that made H.L. Leonard Rod Co. so successful.  In addition, one proud rod owner discovered his Leonard Rod was in fact built by Ted in the early 1970’s.  Another has been able to date his rod as a pre-fire beauty from 1910.   There is more to come tomorrow when Ted continues to discuss the growth of H.L. Leonard Rod Co. and the years he spent as their rod builder. 

Leonard rods that crossed the ocean

Leonard Rod Ring Guides


Simroe & Leonard Rods

Unique H.L. Leonard Down-Locking Reel Seat

H.L. Leonard circa 1910

Sampling of the Leonard Simroe Collection


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