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A few blogs ago we introduced you to the SupAr Puppan, also known as the Anderburger…!


We are fortunate to have received the pattern and wish to share it with you here:  

BODY:  Polycelon cut in square strips. Color optional .Heat the strip fast and gentle over a candle, withdraw and roll the strip between your fingers to form a round body from the semi-melted foam. Cut off to required length. Spear the body onto the hook. Oil the hook with something like fly floatant to make the foam slip on easier.

HACKLE:  Partridge breast feather.  Leave some of the webbing if you like. Leave room for a generous “head”.

HEAD:  mink or mole dubbing ahead of the hackle.

That´s all!  For more information contact Carl Anderberg at: www.splitcane.se


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After yesterday’s post, Carl Anderberg wrote to tell me about a great pattern he helped inspire.   Anderberg wrote:

“To me it has been an amazing general pattern even though it was developed to imitate a floating caddis pupa, and I have used it whereever I have went fishing with very good results.

Its benefits are:

– extremely reliable general fly

– a fly You don´t have to bother with;just cast it and it will always ride right and never sinks.You don´t have to see it,if You see a rise the fish has taken it.

–  very easy and fast to tie and uses cheap materials.You make a batch in no time.

It was christened the “SupAr-puppan” but nowadays we call in “the Anderburger” or “the Wonderburger.”

 I am looking forward to using it and thought our blog audience might like to see a favorite pattern from our good friend. 

Thank you Carl for the tip!  Read more from Carl Anderberg at: www.splitcane.se

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After a long winter, we are happy to see Carl Anderberg again  in Gimdalen.  Many fly fishers in Sweden and around the world are proud owners of his exquisite split-cane rods.  He is here with friends, Atle, Peter, and son-in-law Stefan

Peter, Carl Anderberg, Stefan, and Atle

 to fish Idsjöströmmen.

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